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In emerging technology paradigm, “Geographical Information System (GIS)” has emerged as powerful tool which has potential to organize complex spatial environment with tabular relationships. The emphasis is on developing digital spatial database, using the data sets derived from precise navigation and imaging satellites, aircrafts, digitization of maps and transactional databases. The power and potential of GIS is limited only by ones imagination. However to exploit the technology to benefit the planning process there is need to initiate aprocess for integration of data, based on Interoperable open standards, specifications & formats. The enormous demand for the storage, analysis and display of complex and voluminous data has led, in recentyears, to the use of Geographic .

Information Systems for effective data handling and also for analyzing and geographically transferring the information around the world. NIC offers its users, GISNIC, a software designed to provide a complete state-of-the-art desktop GIs solution for retrieval,projection, transformation and analysis of both spatial and non-spatial data, so that the User is able to manipulate and manage coordinate(locational) and attribute(thematic) data and produce thematic maps as well as tabular reports. Through its GISNIC software, NIC offers to undertake the tasks to generate and plot various types of thematic maps (Flow Lines maps, Graduated Symbol maps, Choropleth maps, Pie charts and Bar charts). The various tasks related to geographic analysis such as creation of buffer zones, performing polygon overlay and manipulating tabular data, are also carried out using GISNIC

Also, the policy framework provided by IT Task Force for India to emerge as Global Info tech Superpower in this millennium emphasizes the availability of Spatial data to GIS user community and industry and provide a direction for the liberalization to this vital sector. With the evolution of this framework, it is now possible to have Spatial Decision-Support Information Systems Network, with distributed Network-Centric Web-Enabled GIS Application Services using NICNET facilities.