Auto Level Surveying

Auto Level Surveying


Auto level surveys are commonly used to complete cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys. This method requires a minimum of two field personnel. It is recommended that a basemap be generated to indicate locations of cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys. If no site elevation datum is available, it is recommended that a ‘project datum’ be established (it is general convention that these datums have a base value of +100) and clearly documented on the basemap.


To complete your auto level survey, you will need the following minimum equipment:

  • 1- Basemap
  • 2- Auto level
  • 3- Tripod (to mount the auto level)
  • 4- Rod (required to measure ‘elevations’)
  • 5- Tape measure (long tape measures, 100 or 300 feet, work best)
  • 6- Clipboard and pencils, and
  • 7- Digital camera (pictures can help you identify features within your cross-sections).

Be sure to fully inspect all of your field equipment prior to conducting your field work to ensure that all equipment is in proper working order. Repairing and/or replacing defective field equipment prior to venturing into the field will save you considerable time and heartache.

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Auto Level surveying

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