Inforamtion Technology

Information Technology Services

Information Technology (IT) is the use of any computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data. Typically, IT is used in the context of enterprise operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies. The commercial use of IT encompasses both computer technology and telephony

“GIS is an integrated system of computer hardware, software, and trained personnel linking topographic, demographic, utility, facility, image and other resource data that is geographically referenced.” NASA.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) represent a combination of hardware, software and data, which allows for the capture, management, analysis, and display of geospatial (geographically referenced) information. In a GIS, layers of spatially explicit data are linked to tabular (attribute) data in relational databases, allowing the user to analyse and visualize patterns and trends.

We are using GIS and Remote Sensing as a tool. Geovision has provided GIS support on five different software platforms. We understand the intricacies involved in surveying, plan metric mapping, and GIS development. More importantly, we have continually moduled our entire operation around the idea of producing a spatially accurate GIS base map. We meet the minimum specifications for every aspect of GIS design, including software and hardware requirements, to ensure the delivery of a suitable GIS base map and a GIS - Friendly product.

  •   DEM generation
  •   Natural resource Management
  •  Cadastral Mapping and spatial adjustment
  •  Detail Project Report Preparation (IWMP)
  •  Bench marking of the area
  •  Evaluation of Preparatory Phase of IWMP Projects
  •  Detailed Feasibility Report (DFR)
  •   Data conversion
  •   Disaster Management & Risk assessment
  •   Consultancy and DPR Preparation
  •   Ground Water Mapping
  •   Urban Infrastructure Mapping
  •   Land use/ Land cover Classification
  •   Urban and Regional Planning
  •   Flood Plain Zoning/ HFL Demarcation

GIS Services that Our Company Offer

GIS Application development and Migration
  • Desktop Customization
  • Web GIS Development
  • Application Migration
  • Open Source Development
  • GIS/Utilities Management System Integration: Electrical, Oil, Gas, Transportation & Logistics
  • GIS Data Conversion
  • Contour mapping Conversion
  • Thematic mapping editing
  • AM / FM and Resource Mapping
  • Land base Conversion
  • CAD conversions
  • Geo-Database Design
  • System Design
  • Conceptual Database Design
  • Application System Design
  • RDBMS Configuration
  • SDE Integration
  • GIS/ Land Information Systems
  • Development of enterprise wide systems, Facilities management databases, and parcel and land base management for governments and utility companies
  • Surveying and GIS implementation
  • Development of enterprise wide systems, Facilities management databases, and parcel and land base management for governments and utility companies
  • Location based Services
  • Fleet Management & Logistics
  • Routing and Scheduling
  • Our expertise in the following GIS application software, front end tools and databases

  • ESRI – ArcGIS, ArcFM (Miner & Miner), ArcIMS, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE
  • Autodesk - AutoCAD
  • Bently - Microstation
  • Open Source
  • Map Info – Map Info Professional
  • Environments
  • ArcObjects (ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Server), MapX, MapBasic, MapXtreme, MapObjects, Autodesk MapGuide, AutoDesk MapServer (OpenSource)
  • Databases
  • ArcSDE
  • Microsoft - SQL Server, Accessn
  • Oracle - Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle Spatial,SQLserver